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Our History

 awaFlint Golf Club is steeped in history, and we are very proud of our rich and storied past. What started as a social club in 1910 has become a premier golf club, offering extraordinary personal service and complemented by excellent facilities.   The Flint Country Club was originally built on the Medbury farm near Goodrich (Atlas). With 39 original members paying $500 each, the farm was purchased for $13,200 and the balance of the money was used for the “golf links and other club accessories.”

In 1918 the Flint Country Club Corporation was started as a separate entity to the Flint Golf Club Corporation. We believe the original intent was to separate the golf course from the lot owners and to later dissolve the land company after all the lots were sold. Prospective landowners / members had to be elected to the Flint Country Club Social Organization and also buy a lot from the new Flint Country Club Corporation, which had sub-divided and perfected this plat on August 15, 1918. The original area involved approximately 150 lots surrounding the 127 acre golf course property.

On September 13, 1918, the Chicago architect Robert Seyfert was hired to design and supervise the construction of a clubhouse, at a cost “not to exceed $50,000.” It was determined later that the golf course and clubhouse would cost approximately $300,000 to complete, in addition to the original funding.

A new site required a new course, so the club hired world class architect Willie Park, Jr. to design and build our championship layout. Park was a two-time winner of the Open Championship and designed more than 100 courses in the U.S. – notably Maidstone and Olympia Fields. He was known as the pioneer of modern golf course construction (read more here). While the clubhouse was not complete, the course opened for play on May 18, 1919.

 At the time Flint Golf Club was open for play, we had more than 200 Class A members and 21 Class B (Ladies and Juniors). When the clubhouse construction was completed, the Albert Pick Co. handled the furnishing, and the grand opening party was held on June 1, 1919. It was a stag affair – men only.

A fire destroyed the clubhouse and all early club records on January 8, 1958. It was on that day that 106 club members were attending the last stag awards of the season. The Fire Department was called but due to frozen water lines, no water could be pumped, so the members and firemen watched helplessly as the wooden clubhouse burned to the ground.

Rebuilding the facilities was estimated to cost $700,000, or approximately $16.83 per square foot. The club used a novel approach to finance the construction. They borrowed $400,000 from the members at no interest. They also received $500,000 from insurance. The rationale was simple, if each member lent the club $800 the club would not have to take out a mortgage for $400,000 and have a payment of $6400 per month at 5 ½ % interest. The member’s share of potential mortgage cost would be $1182, so this was easier on the membership.  The dues remained the same and the clubhouse opened for business again on June 29, 1959. The design was so successful that over 32 groups inspected our clubhouse for the unique layout that was designed by Sulho Nurmi and Ralph Knuth, who were members.

As we look to the future of Flint Golf Club we recognize our traditions, but at the same time we understand that the people and organizations that founded our great club have changed over the years and so must we. Our club is dedicated to providing a great experience, whether dining or participating in golf, swimming or the many social activities. We want to make sure that individual and group activities are enjoyable and affordable for all of our members.


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